300% Increased Carrying Capacity

The Uniclamp Wall Mount was designed to assist with the common problem of single mounting points pulling out of the surface over time.

By offering dual mounting points, the effective carrying capacity is increased by 300%, because the mounting points balance each other out.

Please note that it is an add-on for the Original Uniclamp.

Ultra Durable

With an expected UV Lifespan of 15 - 20 years outdoors, you can truly install it, and forget it, without it requiring any maintenance.

This is because the Unclamp Wall Mount is constructed out of the same 30% Glass-Filled Nylon 6 as the Uniclamp and the Uniclamp V-Bat.

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Perfect For Sterile Environments

More cost-effective than stainless steel, and easier to clean, the Uniclamp Wall Mount is perfectly suited for sterile environments.

Because of the unique raised design, the Wall Mount leaves ample space between the wall and the piping for cleaning and hygiene purposes, making it perfect for the food, medical, and laboratory industries.

Because of our unique propriety 30% Glass-Filled Nylon 6 construction, the Wall Mount features a variety of extreme properties.

It is acid resistant, and is resistant to an additional 95% of industrial corrosives, has a melting temperature of over 500° Fahrenheit (260° Centigrade), and an incredible load rate of 661lbs (300kg).





Hilti Wall Mount Test

In this video, Hilti tests the strength of the Uniclamp Wall Mount by shooting it directly into concrete with their largest gun.

The Wall Mount showed absolutely no stress, including no cracks, shattering, or weakening, whatsoever.


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